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  •  Discover what you truly want in over 7 different areas of your life
  •  Gauge where you're at NOW and start taking action steps toward where you want to be
  •  Learn how to achieve balance and what areas of your life are causing chaos
  •  Discover how your perception on life might be holding you back
  •  Find out where you're stopping yourself from achieving your FULLEST Potential!
     My book will show you how to...  
STOP Settling for LESS!
Start believing that you are worth it!
Identify the 7 most important areas of your life
How to get the most out of these areas and how to improve every aspect of your life STARTING TODAY!
The 3 Shifts that will take you from DREAM to REALITY!
Make the leap and start living your dream life as a reality!
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3 Videos from Dr. Jenna 
Dr. Jenna will walk you each area of her workbook and help you get clear on your core desires. Plus, she will help you create a clear, step-by-step plan to get you exactly where you want to be!

Dr. Jenna's Decision Making Technique
Are you tired of being indecisive? Does making the smallest decision cause you intense stress?
We've included Dr. Jenna's simple and effective technique for making decisions (big and small) in 60 seconds flat!
      I love the Dreaming Live Workbook! It has helped me really understand where I have been blocking my own efforts, what I really want out of life and what I can do to start getting there!
This book and Jenna's knowledge on Pursuing Your Potential is PRICELESS!

Katie Smith
My workbook is a simple and effective tool that will help you start visualizing and attracting the life you TRULY want to live...
  •  Fully Printable
  •  Easy to use! (No Hard Stuff)
  •  Only takes a few minutes per day
  •  Relevant questions to help you get the answers you WANT
  •  Utilizes your own inner knowledge
  •  Motivation to help you take action steps toward your dream life
  •  Worksheets that help you discover balance
  •  Indecisive? No problem this workbook will help you start making decisions that actually benefit your life!
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