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It's time to trade in your struggles for a TRUE TRANSFORMATION....

WHY, you ask? 

Because you are worth it! 

Being stuck in your comfort zone, stuck in limiting beliefs that you're not good enough or don't deserve a better life, feeling unworthy and unable to move forward towards the direction of your deepest desires is no way to ACTUALLY live your life.  

Don't you want to enjoy your life, your relationships, feel 100% like you did when you were young? 

Don't you want to SHOW UP as your real, true and AUTHENTIC self, instead of the tired, unhappy, pulled in 100 different directions, not so proud of your life version of yourself?

Aren't you tired of reading A MILLION self-help books that aren't really helping you help yourself? 

They sound good, you have the desire to apply them in your own life, but you find that as much as you set your intentions to do so... you fall short... AGAIN! Which then just repeats the viscious cylce of you not being proud of yourself because you can't even figure out how to apply a $9, 487 page book full of AMAZING advice you just spent the last month digesting. Ugghhhh!

I get it! I totally get it! I was a self-help junkie for 15 years!!! 

But over and over, I would sabbotage myself from going after the very results I actually wanted!

Can you relate???

If so, what you need is someone by your side who believes in you, sees your potential, and wants the best for you! With the help of this self-paced coaching platform, you can finally learn how to overcome those obstacles that are holding you back.

Learn how to step out into the world and be all that you were designed for, and finally discover who you truly are, all while creating a new foundation of health, happiness, balance and clarity that will allow you to finally be proud and TOTALLY in love with your life!
What decisions would you start to make if you were living a life filled with abundant energy, vitality and peace of mind... in ALL areas of life? 

How would your life change? How would you show up? 

You need the support, tools and know-how to manifest a life better than you can imagine and that's exactly what I am going to give you! 

Here you will learn to become who you TRULY are, that woman who is waiting to SHINE bright, conquer your dreams... and overcome any OBSTACLE so you can discover HOPE, HEALING & HARMONY! 
Let me tell you a story...
Become who you were 
ALWAYS meant to be!
  •   Learn how to go from stuck to SATISIFIED 
  •   Discover how to love your body
  •   Train your mind to overcome any obstacle
  •   Turn your greatest challenges into your most abundant blessings 
  •   Find out what your deepest purpose and passion is 
  •   Attract more love, peace and happiness in your relationships with others, including your spouse!
In the fall of 2015,  I hit rock bottom in my life, my marriage, my health & well-being, my career – EVERYTHING seemed to be crumbling in pieces and all I wanted to do was run away to Mexico. 
I was three days away from getting a prescription of Zoloft and Xanax. I knew medicine would help me to cope, but coping wasn’t what I really wanted. Getting to the ROOT-CAUSE of my demise was my only goal. With the little fight I had left in me, I decided to pick myself up and begin mending myself well. 

I embarked on a new journey; one of ultimate self-care! A journey filled with self-love, self-care and self-discovery; learning to say no, reinventing my life & business to fit MY DEEPEST NEEDS, finding new ways to conserve energy so I had more left over to do the things I love,  and for the first time, experiencing the simple pleasures life has to offer!

The results last a lifetime. The satisfaction can’t be bought. The happiness from within is authentic and you radiate pure joy. And the emptiness you feel gets filled for life with purpose and passion! But it all starts with THIS one thing...


"I know how hard it is to feel unwell, unhappy, and unhealthy 
and want to literally trade your life in for a different one! 
I've been there! And I climbed out of that life and CREATED a life I absolutely LOVE . . . and YOU can TOO!!!

Join me in mending YOURSELF well and I will show you the way!"
Dr. Jenna Zellars
Doctor of Chiropractic
Applied Clinical Nutritionist
Mend Yourself Well Mentor
Here's what this EXPERIENCE will deliver  . . .
Create a foundation that sets you up for a lifetime of HEALTH, HAPPINESS, PEACE and JOY 
so you can live the AUTHENTIC and PURPOSE driven life you desire!
This self-paced coaching program offers you more tools, knowledge, support, resources you could 
ever need right in one convenient and easy to use "HUB" ... with one simple goal of guiding you
on YOUR unique journey of mending yourself well!
Support and accountability every step of the way so you can finally overcome obstacles, 
let go of all the STUFF that's weighing you down and effecting your health & quality of life, 
grow and enrich your life in ways you didn't even know were possible, 
and finally discover who you truly are and create the life you truly want!
Here's what this EXPERIENCE will deliver  . . .
Lasting Results
Ability to reprogram your health and mindset habits and set yourself up for actual results, no matter what your goal is. 
Easy and Effective Tools
Tools that you can use for a lifetime that make getting & staying healthy simple & easy. See progress and watch your life transform before your eyes!
Motivation and Guidance
Support and accountability the whole way through so you can  achieve the results you are looking for . . . and then some! 
  Our fully packed Members HUB will teach you the fundamentals of healing physically, emotionally, and energetically so you can discover the ULTIMATE TREASURE WITHIN... which is the very best version of yourself, the one that is WAITING DESPERATELY to be revealed! 

When you become one of our members, you too will learn how to express yourself fully and how to create a life full of abundant health, happiness, passion, and purpose just by being YOU!!!
Here's What's Inside For You to Explore Right Away...
 Lifetime Access to "The Members HUB"
Our ever-growing, virtual library with easy to follow lessons that teach you to dive deeper into your self-care and self-discovery journey while maintaing a healthy balance in your relationships, with your health and your mindset.
Within the program we offer an EXCLUSIVE members only group so that you can share, inspire and keep each other accountable for your progress.
 Support & Guidance:
When challenges come your way you won't be alone! We offer the right support and guidance throughout your entire journey.
 Q&A with Dr. Jenna
 Join Dr. Jenna and other members on a similiar journey LIVE to listen in and get all your questions answered!
 Real Life Strategies
You can follow at your own pace for Mending Your Health and Your Emotions Well all while Connecting with your life's purpose!
 full of Dr. Jenna's best kept secrets to HEAL YOUR VESSEL and RAISE YOUR VIBE!!!
What our clients are saying...
"This is helping me provide a map to my brain and a map to my soul and spirit and what I truly want to do with my life! You are doing exactly what you are suppose to be! I appreciate your help and I feel so lucky to have you in my life!"  
-Stephanie Halvorsen
There is more laughter and positivity in my home. There are more smiles and pleasant conversations in the office. Even my co-workers have even mentioned the change that they see in me. There is more of a desire to reach for goals I never imagined having.  In just four weeks! I’m going full speed in the right direction and not looking back.  
-Tamara Williams  
Today I write this four weeks into practice and can say that things are going wonderfully. I have never been so happy and excited. I highly recommend getting in touch with Jenna if you are looking for personal guidance whether you are wanting to change your health, your career, or even just want to find peace within! What I love most about Jenna is how vulnerable she is in sharing her experiences and what she has learned so the road may be a little less bumpy for the rest of us. Definitely check out her podcast as well as she has some great gems of advice and reminders that we need to hear daily. Jenna has a huge heart and is doing what she is meant to do which is why she is such a great health coach and mentor. To say the least, I am grateful for her guidance which is why I am recommending her.  
-Dr. Demetra Mydlo, Chiropractor/Owner Of Whole Hearted Chiropractic 
  This fully packed program will teach you the 
fundamentals of Transforming Your Health, Finding Your Happiness and Discovering Your Soul with ACCESS to the following . . . 
  •   Weekly Masterminds: Easy to follow lessons that teach you to dive deeper into your Body, Mind & Soul and create healthy habits in your daily life
  •  Accountability: Feel a sense of ownership by simply showing up because your presence within the group won't go unnoticed
  •  Support & Guidance: When life gets hard, you'll know you're not alone
  •  Q&A with Dr. Jenna: Certain situations you'll begin to wonder "What Would Dr. Jenna Do?" 
  • Community: Become a founding member of our Exclusive Facebook Group where you can participate and interact daily with others on a similar journey! 
  • REAL life strategies For Mending Your Health, Your Emotions and Connecting with your soul 
  •  Lifetime access to our LIBRARY that you can explore and enjoy at your own leisure 
  •  PLUS a BONUS SECTION full of Dr. Jenna's best kept secrets for a healthy & happy Body, Mind & Soul 
Check out all the BONUSES! 
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"Self-Discovery: 21 lessons for discovering your Authentic Self"
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q) Do I have to be a chiropractic patient of Dr. Jenna's to participate? 
A) No. As long as you have internet access and a desire to create a healthier, happier life, this program is for you!

Q) What is the commitment level to join this program?  
A) This is a self-paced program. You can committ at any level you see fit. The more you participate, the great results you will achieve! By signing up you are committing to pay in advance for Life-time Access of $497 OR monthly payments of $47 for a MINUMUM of 12 months. Once you pay your tuition to access this program, (1 installment in full or the mimumum of 12 payments of $47) you will have life time access to the content provided in "The Hub." You will be allowed and welcome to be part of the Facebook Community as long as your tuition is current. 

Q) Are there any additional fees to my membership?   
A) No, not currently. Once you pay your tuition to access this program, you will have life time access to the content provided. However, there may be future opportunities offered (like live events, private coaching, product purchases, etc.) that will not be included in your program purchase.  

Q) Will this program cure my (enter any diagnosis here)? 
A) While this program is not meant to cure, treat or prevent any disease or condition, the tools and advice provided will (if implemented as discussed) improve your overall well-being. This program is not meant to replace any medical care you may or may not need.    

Q) What are the time commitments I should dedicate to this program? 
A) While you can spend as much or as little time involved to get the best results you should expect to spend 5-10 minutes per day doing one action that will make you feel awesome for the whole day. This can be done at the time you choose but it is highly recommended to spend this amount of time doing the practices. 

Q) Will I lose weight doing this program?
A) While the goal of this program is not to lose weight, by learning healthier habits, it is very possible you will manifest weight loss.
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