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Expand your influence, impact, and income through a business aligned with your higher purpose
I didn’t think I needed help, much less a coach. But I was walking around feeling like a shadow of myself, wondering why I wasn’t enjoying life to the fullest. I was feeling discouraged and undervalued and ashamed for even having these feelings. Why couldn’t I dwell in the joy of all the good around me? 
Talking to someone about my confusion and frustration was the last thing I wanted to do. 

That first session Dr. Jenna began to slowly and gently chip away at the limiting beliefs I was holding onto, helping me see what might be going on below the surface. 

We followed up with a phone session and I felt so much dread leading up to our call. But again Dr. Jenna gently questioned me and helped me unfold some of my defenses so that I could walk away with some new truths and a path forward. Is everything better? No. But Dr. Jenna provided tools and gave me renewed hope that I can make progress and learn to dwell in the joy of all the good around me. 

I’ve been to lots of seminars and read lots of books but never have I experienced the sincerity and true care that I received from Dr. Jenna. I’m thankful she pushed me outside of where I thought I was willing to go so that I can truly love this life I’ve been given. 
Grateful for you!! 
-Sarah A.
Three years ago I didn't know who I was.  I reached this point in my life where I was surrounded by everything I thought I ever wanted, but I couldn't figure out why I was miserable. My business was draining me, my fears were crippling me and my dream of living a joy filled life was slipping away further each day. 

Today, I've discovered the secrets for creating a business and life that I absolutely LOVE and I want to help you do the same!
Are you striving to build a 
life & business you LOVE??
It's not an accident you are here.

You are being called to do something new!

Something you've never done before.

You are being called to rise to the next level...
in all areas of life.

You are being called to finally live your purpose!

You're ready to turn that passion project into a thriving business.

You're excited for the vast possibilities that await!

You're feeling a tug to go after that big scary dream!

But the next steps to take aren't exactly clear.

Your vision is expansive.

You know deep down your heart is worthy of all you desire.

But you still feel stuck & uncertain...

You wish your head and heart could just be on the same page!

You're feeling a BIG void in your life but you're not sure what it is.

But you've been searching and searching and searching.

And all the busy work and distractions are sending you further away from making progress.

If you are ready to retire the hamster wheel for good and

step into an Authentic & Thriving 
Life and Business...
It didn’t take long in our clarity call for Dr. Jenna to know what really makes me shine and 
what my whole purpose is in my business. 

It’s been 3 long years of trying to narrow down my niche for my business that I desperately was trying to do. When Dr Jenna said that this was something she loved to do I thought “Why not?” Nothing I thought of got me excited. After telling her my life's story she knew without a doubt what I was meant to do. I’m talking within 5 minutes she really figured me out. This wasn’t just a niche I was trying to figure out but this was my calling, my life, ME

After listening to her I had goosebumps, chills and that feeling I was so desperate to feel. I knew without a doubt that I needed to hire her. If you have been struggling to figure things out on your own I can honestly tell you that Dr. Jenna has this way of putting the puzzle pieces together and weaving your life’s story and tailoring it for you and your business. 

I’m beyond thrilled to work with her. Dr. Jenna has been the best investment. 
Jennifer (Jena) Louise Miller
Clarity, Confidence & Courage
can all be yours!!!
Imagine the Possibilities...
No more playing small.

Quit the second guessing.

Stand up for YOU!

Uncover your soul's desires & life's purpose

End the people pleasing once and for all!

Stop apologizing for who you are!

Say good-bye to comparison. 

Trade in your struggles for true transformation!

Love YOURSELF & Your Life's Work

Make the difference your desire!
Start Pursuing Your Potential TODAY!
Our Systems & Support will...

 Teach you daily practices to help you get clear & connected
 Explain how to break self-sabotaging behavior once and for all
 Support you as you begin to grow & expand personally & professionally
 Help you understand what you are truly capable of
 Give you the tools & support to create a life and business you LOVE
 Help you navigate challenges & uncertainty 
 Guide you to explore deeper layers of yourself, your subconscious and your spiritual desires

 Help you find your flow, your strengths & your tribe
 Teach you how to attract a massive following
 Provide the tools to help you share your message to reach the masses
 Guide you in creating, building and scaling the business of your dreams
 Help you discover where to spend your time, energy & money to yield the results you crave
 Support you in all facets of your Authentic & Thriving Journey
The Authentic & Thriving 
will guide you to discover your purpose and share it with the world!!!
The Academy Includes...
  Lifetime Access to Member's Only Virtual Library  ($2,997 value)
 1 Year All Access Pass to Private Coaching Community with 
WEEKLY Group Support Calls ($1,997 value)
 On-Going Trainings for Personal, Business & Spiritual Growth
 Daily interaction, accountability & community
 Exclusive access to VIP Guest Experts
 Special Savings on Authentic & Thriving Live Events & Retreats
Business Trainings Include...
(which I've spent over $10,000 learning on my own!!!)
 How to Create & Market Your Unique Message & Business...
And Get Seen Online
 Content Creation Strategy to work less & impact more
 How to Create Podcasts, Webinars, Sales-Pages & E-mail Opt-Ins... 
even if you have ZERO tech skills!!!
 How to Package & Sell Your Gifts & Talents so you can earn money 
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  THREE - 1 Hour Strategy Calls ($1,497 value)
 The Path to Authenticity 90 Day E-Course ($497 value)
 The 12 Week Self-Care Mastery Program ($497 value)
 The 3 Days to 10K Fans Training ($127 value)
 4 Part Limiting Belief Training ($97 value)
 21 Day Self-Discovery Journal & E-Book ($47 value)
 47 page Dreaming Live Workbook ($47 value)
 Special Savings on Authentic & Thriving Live Events & Retreats
 ...and SO much more!!!

Total Value over $17,803!
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Here's what others are saying...
"I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event led by Dr. Jenna Zellars. She led us through a beautiful meditation, we discovered beliefs we had about ourselves that hold us back from being who we were deisgned to be. We went into self discovery/ what is our purpose here. We had a wonderful lunch, met other amazing women, and ended the day with a champagne toast. I have attended mulitple weekend seminars for self improvement in the past. I got so much more out of one day with Jenna! Both her openness and the energy in the room were truly insprational!
If you are struggling to find your purpose in life. Or you have blocks getting in the way of your awesomeness you have got to go to one of Jenna's events!!"
Rockwall, TX
"Jenna is amazing at helping me provide a map to my brain and a map to my soul and spirit and what I truly want to do with my life! She is doing exacly what she is suppose to be doing! I appreciate your help and I feel so lucky to have you in my life!" ~Stephanie
Fate, TX
There is more laughter and positivity in my home. There are more smiles and pleasant conversations in the office. Even my co-workers have even mentioned the change that they see in me. There is more of a desire to reach for goals I never imagined having. In just four weeks! I’m going full speed in the right direction and not looking back.

In just 4 weeks:
Marriage: Significant Progress
Job: Significant Progress
Family Life: Significant Progress
Desire To Grow: Significant Progress 
I first reached out to Dr. Jenna in hopes of helping me find a job as I was currently working in another state. She knew my goals and aspirations were to open my own clinic at some point and encouraged me to do so right away. She went above and beyond physically going to look at spaces for me and giving me feedback. Who does that?! Jenna did. Starting a business is a big risk and comes with a lot of stress, but Dr. Jenna reminded me that I had all the tools I needed and I was meant to fulfill my dreams. She was instrumental in helping me take my first steps toward doing so. When I arrived in Texas, we sat down and brainstormed my ideal practice based on my philosophy, goals, hopes and dreams. Today I write this four weeks into practice and can say that things are going wonderfully. I have never been so happy and excited. I highly recommend getting in touch with Jenna if you are looking for personal guidance whether you are wanting to change your health, your career, or even just want to find peace within! What I love most about Jenna is how vulnerable she is in sharing her experiences and what she has learned so the road may be a little less bumpy for the rest of us. Definitely check out her podcast as well as she has some great gems of advice and reminders that we need to hear daily. Jenna has a huge heart and is doing what she is meant to do which is why she is such a great health coach and mentor. To say the least, I am grateful for her guidance which is why I am recommending her.
-Dr. Demetra Mydlo, Chiropractor/Owner Of Whole Hearted Chiropractic 
I discovered that an idea can be your best friend , it can be forever inside of you or you can take it out and change the world - It’s what I'm doing . Thanks Jenna Zellars. For your encouragement and great talent, I’m super happy and thankful .
I love you!!💞
~Victoria D.
"I need to do the entire 21 day course!! Day one is already life changing!! "
-Krystle E., From the "Become Your Authentic-Self -7 Day Challenge"

"Thank you Jenna, you are very inspiring. My biggest challenge is accepting my age and season right now. I can't wait to read this book! "
-Karen C, 

"My biggest shift since attending the event has been mostly in my relationship. Not cowarding down because I feel I'm not enough, or apologizing when I speak my truth. Standing up for myself and wanting respect for my feelings/opinions."
~Lindsay M.

After attending the One Day event I find that I'm telling myself I’m worthwhile every time I start to “should” on myself or think about my “flaws”. I give myself compliments to reinforce positive thinking about myself rather than focusing on what I don’t like ♥️
~Allison M.

More about Dr. Jenna
Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had big dreams and an entrepreneurial spirit. These dreams and natural abilities led me to become a successful chiropractor and business woman by the age of 25. By the age of 31, even though I had everything I ever wanted, I still felt a huge void in my life and went on an unbelievable journey to discover what was missing. What I found changed my life, and it's now what propels me to help other heart-centered entrepreneurs discover for themselves. 

"I truly believe in each one of us lives a driven entrepreneur able to change the world! We just have to do two things: follow the voice inside and be willing to get out of our own way!"
~Dr. Jenna
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